Whispering Falls RV Park Policies

Check In: 3:00 PM

Check Out: 12:00 PM


  • Check-in is at 3:00 p.m. (CST)- Check-out is at 12:00 p.m. (CST). If you have any problems with the campsite, please contact the camp post.
  • After-hours check-in: If you will be arriving after store hours, please contact us by phone and let us know when you will be arriving. We will place your check-in papers in an envelope with your name on it. You can pick it up from our mailbox located beside our front doors.
  • Convenience store and office hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 am-5:00 pm Sat-Sun 9:00 am-6:00 pm. The convenience store is well stocked and offers some camping items as well as various souvenirs and t-shirts. We have a variety of food available including Pizza, Broasted chicken, and Hand-dipped Ice Cream.
  • Rates: We offer a daily rate of $59.00 plus tax and a weekly rate of $55.00 plus tax. Rates include 2 adults. We do honor Good Sam’s 10% discount and also offer a 10% discount to military members active and retired. Guest must request a discount. Full payment is due on the day of booking.
  • Cancellation policy: Minimum 10-day notice is charged a $15.00 administration fee. Less than 5 days’ notice is equal to one full day at the daily rate. Reservations canceled on the day of check-in will forfeit the total amount. Cancellations must be made over the phone.
  • Early arrival and late departure: No refunds will be given for early departure or delayed arrivals. No refunds will be given due to inclement weather.
  • Parking: There is no overflow parking, two vehicles per site. No parking on grass at any time.
  • Quiet hours:10:00 pm-8:00 am
  • Alcohol: Allowed at campsite and pavilion only. Please be careful with glass bottles and dispose of them properly. (No Alcohol is allowed in TN’s State Parks).
  • Smoking & Vaping: No smoking in the convenience store, restrooms, or laundry room. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly. It is acceptable to throw them in the fire pits.
  • Campfires: Fires are only allowed in the fire pit. Do not relocate the fire pit. Please burn only firewood, firewood can be purchased at the convenience store. Please Do Not burn trash or glass in the firepit. Do Not cut trees, branches, or bark from trees. The fire must be kept in the fire pit at all times.
  • Fireworks: Not allowed in the RV park at any time.
  • WARNING HIGH-WATER PRESSURE: The RV park water pressure measures 65-70psi and can surge higher. It is strongly recommended to use a pressure reducer valve. They are sold at the convenience store. Whispering Falls RV Park is not responsible for any damages due to a ruptured water line.
  • Sewer hookups: All campers must have a 90-degree sewer adapter. This prevents sewage from leaking around the fitting. Always dump your black tank first. Please discharge and clean the hose on the grass to keep the concrete and surrounding areas clean for the next guest.
  • Grey water: No outside washing of dishes or utensils. No dumping grey water on the ground. Pop-up campers must collect their grey water, carefully dump it down the sewer access point, and replace the end cap.
  • Vehicle washing: Washing of cars, campers, boats, and ski doos for a $10 fee. Please pay at the office.
  • Grass Area: Patio/RV mats, tarps, etc. are not allowed on grass areas or anything that will kill the grass.
  • Clotheslines: No clotheslines or other items may be tied to trees. Outdoor drying racks are allowed.
  • Trash: Place trash in the dumpster in the far right corner of the park next to the shed. Break down all the cardboard. Please slide all access slides closed for critter control. Please do not leave trash outside your camper for the same reason. Do Not burn trash in firepits.
  • Generators: Only allowed during power outages.
  • We Are A Pet-Friendly Park: Dogs and cats are allowed but must be on a leash and supervised at all times. Owners MUST Clean up after their animals. Temporary fencing on concrete is permitted but must be kept clean. Excessive barking is not allowed. Pets are not allowed in the store, restroom, or laundry room. ATTENTION: We do not allow the following breed of animals including pit bulls, chows, English mastiffs, Dobermans, and Rottweilers. Other animals may be excluded at the sole discretion of management. If you are not sure if your pet is allowed, please call the office before booking. Any damages or injury caused by your pet is your responsibility. Animals must be vaccinated as required by law.
  • General: Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children at all times. Please respect other guests and do not play your tv, radio, or gaming console so loud your neighbors can hear. Please do not walk through other guests camping sites. Properly secure personal items.
  • Damages and removal of guests: Any cost incurred by whispering falls RV park due to damages (e.g., damages to electric pedestal, water spigot, fences, tree, picnic tables, fire rings, signage, grass, etc..) caused by a guest or guest’s visitors or on any site paid for by guest, or cost incurred by Whispering Falls RV Park for removal of personal property owned by the guest or guest’s visitor can be charged to the credit card on file. The guest agrees to be billed if another payment method is insufficient.
  • Wi-Fi Acceptable use policy:
    • Using the service in illegal or threatening ways is not allowed. 
    • Using the system in any way harmful to our network and system is not allowed. 
    • We have the right to limit or terminate your access to the wi-fi for violation of privacy, we will also cooperate with law enforcement. 
    • Using the service to copyright or trademark is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to using the wi-fi to engage in any activity that infringes, misappropriates, or otherwise violates any personal privacy. 
  • Mail: We do allow for you to receive mail and packages. We will call when mail arrives. Make sure the sender puts the site # you are at on the address. The address address is Whispering Falls RV Park, c/o (Your Name) #(Site #), 2091 Coles Chapel Rd, Sparta Tn. 38583
  • Speed Limit: SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH. Be cautious of children playing. Violates can be refused service and/or ejected from the campground.
  • Exit Gate: After the office closes, the exit gate will be closed for your safety. If you open it, close it back behind you for other campers’ safety.
  • Drugs: Possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs by campers or visitors will not be tolerated. Upon suspicion, police will be notified and campers/visitors will be removed from campground. No refunds will be given.


Guest/Visitor Notice: 

All Guests and visitors implicitly and or explicitly agree upon checking in that management reserves the right to enforce our rules and refuse to register undesirable guests and visitors. This also includes the exclusion of any Rv and or camper that we feel does not meet the aesthetic image of our park due to age and or condition. We also reserve the right to eject anyone for detrimental conduct and or violation of any of the rules and regulations set forth above without refund of money tendered for service. Entrance onto the property constitutes permission to photograph or video guests while on-premises and to use any resulting pictures or video for any lawful purpose without compensation to the guest/ Visitors. 

2091 Coles Chapel Rd
Sparta Tn. 38583
(931) 761-7275